Friday, 28 January 2011

Just One More Try...

One of the greatest games and
biggest time saps I've come across.

The rhythmic march of the new-war-drum.
The beats does flow through fingertips.
From east through north and back again,
My digit finds its place and dips.

My thumb and finger are my swords.
They take control and strike with speed.
On I cut with rending blade,
A deadly slash to make her bleed.

Yet countered are my lightning blows.
She turns the tide and fights with force.
One hit to chest and then to head,
Streams of death that stay their course.

Try to duck and try to dodge.
I can but move to try escape.
But all for nought, the final move,
Assaults that leave my jaw agape.

The screen’s gone black, the crowd does cheer.
Press A to Continue From Here.

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