Sunday, 17 October 2010

Blog On.

Hey all,

I have decided that today I will post a blog entry that isn't painfully short, or ramblings on a set topic. This is just a random update about my life. I have a few ideas for in-depth topics I want to blog about, the next (coming mid-week) will be about Wizards of the Coasts' changes to the DCI system, where now only shops can run prerelease Magic: The Gathering tournaments, and FNM, or Friday Night Magic, can only be run on a Friday instead of any day. That sounds redundant, but I shall go into it in more detail during the article. Keep your eyes peeled, people!

For now, the major change in my life has been my new laptop. A few weeks ago (for anyone who hasn't seen my numerous angry tweets on Twitter between then and now), my laptop blue-screened. I went home last weekend in order to get a new one: An 'Advent Modena M200', in shiny red. During the week, I had many a problem with it...

Firstly, the touchpad is highly sensitive, meaning that whenever I tap it while typing, the cursor's location moves, and the typing continues from this location. This was quickly rectified with a cheap mouse, and I now actually prefer a mouse over the touchpad. Crazy world, eh?

Secondly, the disc tray was jamming when I tried to eject it, and when I did manage to pry it out, it was quite clearly dragging. I took it to the Currys digital in town, and managed to get it exchanged for a new laptop. Same model, working disc tray. Another problem fixed.

However, my final problem is one that is still ongoing: I have no internet in my room. Well, tell a lie, I have internet in the morning, up until about 1 in the afternoon. However, after that, connection becomes incredibly unstable, and I often can't connect at all. I'm currently typing this from the living room, but to not have access in my room is painful. My old laptop worked fine, I should point out, so it;s this computer's WiFi Card. I plan to ring up tech support in an hour or so, and nag them to try fix it. If that fails, I'll get an internet booster off amazon, or go down to Currys in the week and see how cheap a booster they sell there.

The 'Advent Modena M200'. Do Not Buy! Moving on...

as I type this, I'm currently rekindling my love of the Barenaked Ladies. For anyone who doesn't know them, they're a Canadian Band, perhaps most famous at the moment for performing the Big Bang Theory theme tune. Their style i usually quite varied, but they tend to have a great sense of humour and fun in their work. Though it's not particularly funny, here's one of my favourite tracks: 'Old Apartment' (because Warner Bros. Records won't let me embed 'One Week'...). I'd also recommend 'Be My Yoko Ono', 'If I Had a Million Dollars', and, obviously, 'One Week'. To be honest, most of their stuff is fantastic.

I also plan to start up a photo-a-day project in a few weeks, once I'd got my internet connection established. I'd post it here, probably with a few lines explaining why I photographed it. It'll be started either on the first of the month, November 1st, or my birthday, on the 9th November. Anybody got any preferences? Then comment!

So, after the painful plee for recognition and attention in the form of comments, I'm going to finish. As I said, new blog entry coming this week, about WotC and the DCI. If you follow Magic, tune in. If you don't, tune in anyway.*

Peace out,

* Note to Self: This is not a radio station.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

English Guilt

I feel bad for not having updated my blog in a LONG time.

To make up for it, here's something cute.

That's better.