Friday, 28 January 2011

Just One More Try...

One of the greatest games and
biggest time saps I've come across.

The rhythmic march of the new-war-drum.
The beats does flow through fingertips.
From east through north and back again,
My digit finds its place and dips.

My thumb and finger are my swords.
They take control and strike with speed.
On I cut with rending blade,
A deadly slash to make her bleed.

Yet countered are my lightning blows.
She turns the tide and fights with force.
One hit to chest and then to head,
Streams of death that stay their course.

Try to duck and try to dodge.
I can but move to try escape.
But all for nought, the final move,
Assaults that leave my jaw agape.

The screen’s gone black, the crowd does cheer.
Press A to Continue From Here.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

4 Minutes Left to Go...

Hey all,

It's been a very long time since I've updated here (miss me?) and that's simply because I've had very little that I could write a blog entry about. I know I put down a few things in a part couple of entries, but I've constantly hit writers block with them. So, I've decided that, if I'm ever stuck for a topic, like I am now, then I'll play a writing game.

The idea is to use a random word generator website to get a completely obscure word, then spend 4 minutes stream-of-conscious-writing about it. The website I've opted for is, and decided that today I will use a common noun. I have my stopwatch at the ready, and the word is...


Excellent! Let's get on with it. See you in 4 minutes!


So, to disregard something is to throw it away, or ignore it completely. Being a Pixar nerd, the first thing that springs to mind is Toy Story, which always has a constant feeling of the main character (yes, Woody is the main character) being disregarded by Andy. But disregarded doesn't seem to fit here. Let's read that back... "being disregarded by Andy". It's not a strong enough word to really be considered the feeling Woody feels in these situations.

Disregarding gives the sense that somebody doesn't want it any more, or throws it away on purpose. While woody's fear is that Andy doesn't want him gone on purpose, we always know this is not the case. Maybe this analogy has worn thin, I don't know....

If we're to disregard something, then surely we mean to do it. No, I don't think we do. I think it's more what, aptly, has happened to this blog. No, on second thoughts, I take it back. I didn't disregard this blog. I'd say disregard means the reverse. I'd say it means that we DO NOT mean to do it. 


Hmm, it seems my mind is a jumbled mess of random thoughts. I also forgot to capitalise 'Woody' in the second paragraph, but I'm reluctant to change it now. The thought process definately gets jumbled towards the end. I know, let's try a second one, just while I'm on a roll. See if that comes out any better. The word is...


Ah! A worthy noun if e'er there were one. On we go!


So yes, 'tie'. Instantly, I thought of christmas. Not because you can tie presents with bows (though I'm quite proud of that link), but because of the wooden tie I got for Christmas. I think I'll have to stick a photo of that up at some point, maybe tomorrow. It is, after all, rather awesome. 

Ties also make me think of tie-fighters, from Star Wars. I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan - I've always preferred Star Trek. Actually, that's a lie. Which rhymes with tie (heh!); I didn't really watch Star Trek until I started coming to university. Instead, I did watch Star Wars. My main problem with that series though is that, for all these important planets, why all the focus on Tatooine? I know, it's important because of the Skywalker history, but what make Obi Won Kenobi think that was a good place to hide Luke? I mean, Anakin/Vader grew up there, I would have thought it's the first major place to look.

Nightmares about his dead, mother, yes, yes, but plotholes! In fact, why am I complaining... Lucas is a sellout anyway. I will not rant, I will not ran... Shoulda killed Han!


That was a bit more structured (except for the middle - and why do I keep using brackets? What I wouldn't give for a footnote). Should Christmas be capitalised? I think so... It's in here in both forms anyway, so no-one can claim favouritism. Thank goodness I have second drafts of my essays, else I'd be buggered re: Grammar!

Anyway, that's all for tonight. WHY do I always post these so late? Gonna tweet about it, but might freshen people's memory/alert them to the fact a new entry is up some time tomorrow. I really do need to finish off some sketch show scripts too. I seem to just layer jobs on myself...

Oh well, peace out!

P.S. I'm not sure if the whole Luke-Vader-Tatooine thing is a plot hole. On second thoughts, I don't think it is. Apologies!