Saturday, 18 December 2010

Top Ten Moments of 2010, with no narration by Jimmy Carr.

Hey all,

So yes, the New Years is almost upon us. Christmas bells are in the air, carol singers are repeating the same bloody songs over and over (or is that the shop's communal CD?) and we're starting to see the 'Top Ten _____ of 2010' lists emerge everywhere. So, as I'm a festive sort, I felt I'd get in on the action. Unfortunately, there's no way for me to cash in on this thing, so think of it as my festive gift to you.

Remember, for every person who doesn't read this, I kill one of santa's elves.

10.  Moving into my new uni house.
So yes, my new room is smaller, and the rent is a little dearer, but honestly, the new scenery, company and closer proximity to university pushes this event into the top 10 moments. Plus, saying you live in Kensington when you're at Liverpool really throws people back home.

9. First Magic: the Gathering prerelease.
I won't dwell long here. After all, I posted a blog on that. I suggest going to read it if you want to find out more. for now, onto number 8.

8. LUDS presents: The Seagull.
It was a fantastic play, but if I'm being 100% honest, it's mainly here because I got to show off my favourite waistcoat. Golden naked girls and swans are always featuring in my top 10 lists - Always.

7. Wall-E Costume Building.
Perhaps one of my favourite things I've built. If I'd done it a few years earlier, maybe I'd have gotten a higher grade in my graphics GCSE. That said, Wall-E wasn't around then, so would have been even more impressive... anyway, the thing needs some maintainance, as it's starting to look more and more like the end of the film.

6. Suit Up!
For the many times I've suited up. The stares are weird at first, but suits are just so damn comfy. All the times that make up this moment were Legen- wait for it... Dary!

5. Sticky Floor gigs.
Even though I've been in Sticky Floor since first year, every single gig is so much fun (well, except Liverpool Hope, but that's a different story). Highlights this year have been the playing the Manchester Comedy Store and the Reader gig at St. George's Hall. Here's to many more crazy and unplanned moments in the New Year!

4. LUDS presents: The Kitchen.
A great performance with such a huge cast and great moments; what's not to love? Plays will nearly always sneak into my top 10 lists (considering this is one of my first, that's very true!), and we've had two already. Told you so.

3. Toy Story 3.
I fucking love Pixar! Next.

2. Berlin.
My first trip abroad with fantastic people, and such a great city to visit: the Berlin Wall, Potsdamer-Platz, and the blissful lake by the palace I can't remember the name of are particularly wonderful memories. I can't wait to go back, as well as visit other places in Europe. Will probably go for Paris next, or maybe another German city if Jacqui will have me. Allons-Y!

And our number 1 spot is - Drumroll please... 

1. Every moment of University.
Anything I've missed out that took place at university. After all, it's the small thing that make up the big moments; the journey, not the destination. Thanks to all who made it so special, and shared it with me.

And on that Christmas message, I'll leave you to your egg nog and your mince pies.

Ho ho ho,

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Catchy Ditties.

Hey all,

So yes, I've seen 2 plays this week, and both have contained pretty awesome music taken from computer games. It's crazy, but I'm getting slightly paranoid that the world wants to break my mind with the inclusion of songs that I can't sing/hum along to even though I really want to!

Firstly, the 12 Hour Play, which took place on Wednesday 1st December. In it, we used a particularly sad song taken from the masterpiece that is Final Fantasy X: Nobuo Uematsu's 'To Zanarkand'. It is, quite simply, one of the most moving piano songs I've ever heard. If you listen to no other song this week, listen to this. Or maybe another Uematsu piece, "A Dream that will End Sometime":

As for the second song of the week, that came in the LUST Panto, Robin Hood and his Merry Men. This song came just before Robin hood was told by John about Maid Marion's capture, and showed how Robin was eager to help those around it. The song itself is "Tail's Theme" from Sonic Adventure. It's actually pretty spot-on for both Robin's and Tail's characters in the game, which is unnerving and awesome at the same time.

So which song do I want to see in plays next? Clearly, we need the ultimate end credit song; one that is both catchy and terrifying. Just listen to the lyrics... "While you're dying I will be still alive". Haunting. Also, it makes me want cake.

Which music would other people like to see in shows? For that matter, which songs have you heard in shows (both theatre shows or TV shows. Heck, even films) lately that you can't get out of your head?

Peace out,