Sunday, 5 December 2010

Catchy Ditties.

Hey all,

So yes, I've seen 2 plays this week, and both have contained pretty awesome music taken from computer games. It's crazy, but I'm getting slightly paranoid that the world wants to break my mind with the inclusion of songs that I can't sing/hum along to even though I really want to!

Firstly, the 12 Hour Play, which took place on Wednesday 1st December. In it, we used a particularly sad song taken from the masterpiece that is Final Fantasy X: Nobuo Uematsu's 'To Zanarkand'. It is, quite simply, one of the most moving piano songs I've ever heard. If you listen to no other song this week, listen to this. Or maybe another Uematsu piece, "A Dream that will End Sometime":

As for the second song of the week, that came in the LUST Panto, Robin Hood and his Merry Men. This song came just before Robin hood was told by John about Maid Marion's capture, and showed how Robin was eager to help those around it. The song itself is "Tail's Theme" from Sonic Adventure. It's actually pretty spot-on for both Robin's and Tail's characters in the game, which is unnerving and awesome at the same time.

So which song do I want to see in plays next? Clearly, we need the ultimate end credit song; one that is both catchy and terrifying. Just listen to the lyrics... "While you're dying I will be still alive". Haunting. Also, it makes me want cake.

Which music would other people like to see in shows? For that matter, which songs have you heard in shows (both theatre shows or TV shows. Heck, even films) lately that you can't get out of your head?

Peace out,

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