Monday, 1 November 2010

Rise of the Group Pictures.

Hey all,

Well, it turns out my workload makes it pretty much impossible towrite a long article on the DCI situation. Instead, I shall write up a semi-thematic blog entry. Why aren't I working now then, you ask? Because my home internet dislikes VITAL.

So yes, two events have happened recently; the LUDS Ghost Tour and the First Annual Manchester Comedy Improv Tournament (TM?). Let's start with the former.

LUDS Ghost Tour 2010

The Ghost Tour cast. I always seem to be peering over shoulders.
The Ghost Tour took place on the 27th October and was, if I do say so, pretty damn effective. We sold out all 90 tickets, and scared a fair few people. I've done it every year I've been here - once as a general 'boo man' (I made up the title myself), once as a tour guide, and this year as a widower. The format this year was a little different, as we focused on a continual story throughout the tour. It seemed to work, which is good because it's quite a step away from the tradition collection of short stories.

I have, and will always, assert that my character was male - Despite what many of the other characters and the script said on the night!

First Annual Manchester Improv Tournament 2010.

The Teams from the Tournament, and our Referee.
Last Saturday, Sticky Floor took to Manchester in order to take part in an improv tournament. There were four teams in total: Us, Impropriety, ComedySportz Nutcrackers and the Comedy Express Veterans (who had reformed for one night after about 30 years - all very exciting!). It was a great show, even if we did come last. For that, we blame on a combination of going first and so getting scored low in our first game, and loosing a very controversial dance-off. There's a video of the dance off floating around Mark's facebook profile, and I strongly urge people to watch it. As you'll see, we were robbed of a win!

In the end, Comedy Express Veterans won, Impropriety came second, ComedySportz Nutcrackers (the home team) third, and us fourth. Look out for us trying to get many of those teams across to Liverpool for fun-filled nights and maybe even our own tournament.

So yes, that's about it. While I'm on an improv kick, keep your eyes peeled at It should be up and running by today, or so the site administrator tells us.

Peace out,

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